• Power Wash Your House Before Winter

    October 9, 2017 | Blog
  • Pressure washing before the winter should be on every Maryland homeowner’s list. Our homes take a beating throughout the year and to maintain its value its imperative we keep it clean. Pressure cleaning the exterior of your house is a must before the winter gets a chance to solidify all these unsightly exterior blemishes on your siding, deck, patios and driveways.

    Pressure Washing Decks

    Sometime during the fall, as the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall in Maryland, we begin to use our decks less and less. The summer and fall season can be hard on our decks: Think of the foot traffic, food spills or barbecue stains, and buildup of dirt that occurs. Then, if left uncleaned, our weathered decks must take on the harsh winter weather.It is very important to take some time before the onslaught of winter to thoroughly clean and winterize your deck. Otherwise, snow, ice, sleet and other precipitation can cause irreversible damage.

    Power Wash Your Driveway

    Impress your Holiday visitors with a professionally cleaned driveway. Just like any other feature of the home, driveways need regular maintenance. To maintain the appearance of your driveway, it’s important to address any stains (paint, oil, or gasoline) immediately. The earlier you get a jump on protecting your driveway, the better chance you have to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs. Right now is the perfect time (and weather), and there’s no better company to call than Mid Atlantic Sparkle Clean.