• Roof Cleaning

  • Sparkle Clean offers cleaning for many different roof surfaces, including Maryland’s most popular asphalt shingled roof. As most are starting to notice, they can develop unattractive dark streaks and even moss growth.

    If your roof looks bad due to ugly stains and black streaks caused by Gloeocapsa Magma Algae, it doesn't necessarily mean your roof needs to be replaced. It is estimated that half of all roofs are needlessly replaced due to appearance rather than structural integrity.

    Replacing a roof on just a small house can cost four to six thousand dollars while having the same roof professionally cleaned would save thousands of dollars.

    The least expensive roof should last fifteen years. More expensive roofs should last thirty plus years. The basic warranty covers Algae staining for just a few years when it typically takes seven to ten years for Algae to appear. Some warranties cover Algae for ten years. Check your warranty. Algae causes decay. If your roof looks bad but has no visible structural defects, it most likely just needs to be professionally cleaned.

    We do not use over the counter products that require the use of high pressure to remove Algae spores and stains. High pressure is extremely damaging to a roof. We use the exact process recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers to properly clean a roof. The results are immediate.

    The process consist of a “Low Pressure” application of the recommended cleaning detergent that is designed to safely remove any algae, moss, lichens and air born pollutants. This application uses no more pressure than a moderate to heavy rain. High pressure is Never used on asphalt shingles. This can void the manufacturer’s warranty as well as cause extensive granule loss, which as mentioned earlier, leads to a roofs inability to reflect heat, in turn raising your homes cooling costs and decreasing longevity.